Reporting Driver Examination Results

As a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry, you are required to complete and submit Form MCSA-5850, CMV Driver Medical Examination Results Form for each driver exam you perform during the month (once the May 21, 2014 compliance date is reached). In addition, if you have not completed any exams during the month, you must report that as well. The Form MCSA-5850 is a secure, online form that is only available through your National Registry account.

You must submit the form through your National Registry account. FMCSA will not accept submissions by any other means. For example, you may not fax the report or upload scanned forms or spreadsheets.

The Form MCSA-5850 is integral to the National Registry system. Data you submit will be used to identify which medical examiner examined which drivers, so that we may audit the performance of driver exams.

To submit your driver examination report forms follow these five simple steps:

  1. Go to the National Registry website:
  2. Logon to your National Registry account
  3. Select “CMV Driver Exams” from the blue bar at the top of the screen
  4. Select “Submit CMV Driver Exam Results”
  5. Input driver information and exam data, then click “Submit”

Be sure to submit a form for each driver exam you have completed during the month. If you have not completed any exams during the month, check the box next to “No exams completed during this period” on the CMV Driver Exam Results page.

A sample of the MCSA-5850 can be found on page 43/Appendix E in The Complete Guide to Medical Examiner Certification, (March 25, 2013). Please note that when entering information into the MCSA-5850, Medically Qualified must be selected for the Medical Examiner’s Certificate Expiration Date and Restrictions or Variances fields to show up.

Countdown to Compliance – We’re Six Months Away

We are six months away from the National Registry compliance date, so there is no time to waste! Complete your certification before the National Registry the compliance date on May 21, 2014. Many training classes and testing centers will be full of medical examiners who waited until the last minute. Avoid the rush, complete training and schedule your appointment to take the National Registry Certification Test today!

Again, the compliance date for the National Registry is May 21, 2014. After the compliance date, FMCSA will only accept medical certificates signed by certified medical examiners listed on the National Registry as valid. Visit the National Registry website at to find a training provider and testing center near you.

Comira Now Offering the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners Certification Exam

Comira is now offering the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners certification exam. The first available date to schedule for the exam is October 21, 2013. Comira has 395 test centers throughout the United States. To locate a test center near you and to register for the exam visit the National Registry website at

To be eligible to take the exam you must:

  • Be licensed, certified, or registered in accordance with applicable State laws and regulations to perform physical examinations;
  • Register to become a medical examiner; and
  • Complete required training.

Be sure to take the following with you to the test center:

  • Valid photo ID;
  • Valid license to practice in your healthcare profession;
  • Certificate of completion of training provided by an accredited training organization; and
  • National Registry Number.

Don’t delay. Register for the National Registry Certification Exam today!

Exam Study Information Update

Based on practical and reported experiences on the NRCME examination, we have updated the Study Guide in our resource library. Our current pass rate is now over 95%. PLEASE review and know this study guide and review the “FMCSA Examiners Manual” also listed in the resource library. Also, we have updated our Driver’s Medication List to reflect currently used and recently added medications.

Many of you have contacted us requesting areas of concentration or specific questions residing on the NRCME examination. We will not be releasing any known content of the examination or areas of concern. This examination is rigorous and requires you to know basic core knowledge as set forth by the FMCSA and apply it in real-time scenarios. You should:

Go through the course modules 2x and take pertinent notes.
Go through the decks program 2x.
Know the study guide (resource library)
Review the FMCSA Examiners manual (resource manual)

Once you have completed these study steps, you should be ready for the examination. Best of luck to you all and remember to report your score to Oakstone support.

Your Exam Results are Updated!

Congratulations to all the NRCME Plus participants who passed the National Registry certification test this summer! Our current pass rate is updated at 95% as of August 20, 2013.