Reporting Driver Examination Results

As a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry, you are required to complete and submit Form MCSA-5850, CMV Driver Medical Examination Results Form for each driver exam you perform during the month (once the May 21, 2014 compliance date is reached). In addition, if you have not completed any exams during the month, you must report that as well. The Form MCSA-5850 is a secure, online form that is only available through your National Registry account.

You must submit the form through your National Registry account. FMCSA will not accept submissions by any other means. For example, you may not fax the report or upload scanned forms or spreadsheets.

The Form MCSA-5850 is integral to the National Registry system. Data you submit will be used to identify which medical examiner examined which drivers, so that we may audit the performance of driver exams.

To submit your driver examination report forms follow these five simple steps:

  1. Go to the National Registry website:
  2. Logon to your National Registry account
  3. Select “CMV Driver Exams” from the blue bar at the top of the screen
  4. Select “Submit CMV Driver Exam Results”
  5. Input driver information and exam data, then click “Submit”

Be sure to submit a form for each driver exam you have completed during the month. If you have not completed any exams during the month, check the box next to “No exams completed during this period” on the CMV Driver Exam Results page.

A sample of the MCSA-5850 can be found on page 43/Appendix E in The Complete Guide to Medical Examiner Certification, (March 25, 2013). Please note that when entering information into the MCSA-5850, Medically Qualified must be selected for the Medical Examiner’s Certificate Expiration Date and Restrictions or Variances fields to show up.