Exam Study Information Update

Based on practical and reported experiences on the NRCME examination, we have updated the Study Guide in our resource library. Our current pass rate is now over 95%. PLEASE review and know this study guide and review the “FMCSA Examiners Manual” also listed in the resource library. Also, we have updated our Driver’s Medication List to reflect currently used and recently added medications.

Many of you have contacted us requesting areas of concentration or specific questions residing on the NRCME examination. We will not be releasing any known content of the examination or areas of concern. This examination is rigorous and requires you to know basic core knowledge as set forth by the FMCSA and apply it in real-time scenarios. You should:

Go through the course modules 2x and take pertinent notes.
Go through the decks program 2x.
Know the study guide (resource library)
Review the FMCSA Examiners manual (resource manual)

Once you have completed these study steps, you should be ready for the examination. Best of luck to you all and remember to report your score to Oakstone support.