FMCSA Proposes New Rules for Medical Certificates

FMCSA has issued a notice of proposed rulemaking intended to facilitate the integration of a driver’s medical certification information into his or her CDL status.  The proposed rule requires medical examiners to take a number of measures intended to improve the reporting of test results and facilitate their inclusion in state CDL systems. Among other things, examiners will be required to report exam results to an FMCSA database electronically by close of business on the day of the examination. FMCSA will then transmit the data to state driver licensing agencies where it is supposed to be entered into the Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS). CDLIS allows CDL data to be shared electronically among state licensing and motor carrier enforcement agencies.  A complicating factor is that not all states are equipped to enter the data into the system despite a federal requirement to do so.  The proposal also requires medical examiners to use a recently developed medical examination report form and a new form for the medical examiner’s certificate.  The action is part of a comprehensive agency effort to upgrade the medical certification process which also includes new training and certification requirements for medical examiners.
Comments on the proposed rule are due by July 9, 2013.